Advanced outsourcing

Free up time for your core mission and leave the billing to us. Our partners range from major hospitals that bill millions of dollars to private practitioners in all medical disciplines.

Managing the red tape

Our systems are designed and field-tested to handle the full range of medical billing and coding requirements, from Medicare and Medicaid to private insurance companies, leading to timely payment and efficient revenue cycle management.

Show me the data

Cutting Edge billing solutions are integrated with advanced data-management tools that turn your billing history into a searchable database that can be used for marketing and business development.

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    Cash flow solutions

    Timely and consistent cash flow is our primary focus. Improper coding or misdirected invoicing can create gaps in collections.  We identify those gaps and create strategies to repair them within a certain time frame.  An individual clinic, specialty physician group or the entire hospital revenue cycle will benefit from our advanced technology and customer support.

    Growth strategies

    Cutting Edge is a partner not just a vendor. We serve as an integrated expansion of your business office, helping to meet your financial and strategic goals through robust revenue cycle management and customer-focused analytics.

    Quality & assurance

    Our senior management team is comprised of certified Six Sigma experts, trained to identify errors or defects in a business process and eliminate them. You don’t have to stay on top of every innovation or best practice in quality control because they do. They rapidly apply solutions that are in continuous development based on client feedback and industry trends.

    Added value

    Our systems locate and repair billing errors at the source, with a 360-degree analysis that targets the entire coding and invoicing cycle. Experienced revenue cycle specialists and technology project managers will deliver solutions that go beyond the traditional model for outsourced billing. They function as a valuable addition to your team, as they focus on optimizing billing and collection practices to help you grow your bottom line.

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